students and teachers working at newman-symposiumOur primary students were so excited to wrap up Term 3 with our Newman Symposium. Years 3 and 4 were expert travel agents as they took their parents and our community on a journey to a range of countries they had been studying in Geography. Through differentiated inquiry questions students were able to select a place and topic of interest and research gaining a depth of knowledge in that topic.

Stage 3 students showcased four areas of learning in Maths, Creative and Practical Arts / Religion and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The first group put the community to the test, quite literally, as they led the Maths Olympiad and Maths Games competition. All our guests were quite shocked at what good problem solvers our students had become through participating in these competitions this term. The second group demonstrated how they could use Audacity to match music to Scripture passages surrounding the unit Creation and also how to make movies to bring the Scripture to life. The third group were the ‘sphero experts’ where they led a challenge to build a tractor out of recycled materials which could carry an egg safely and move around the ‘farm’.

Thank you to everyone who came along to see differentiation in action at our school. Our students really do love their learning and were so proud to show it off!